melbourne aces @ melbourne ballpark, laverton

Batter batter schaWING batter! First and foremost the Melbourne Ballpark is right here in the west. How awesome is that! Second, it is also home to the Melbourne Aces - our baseball team. The teams are made up of both Aussie and of international SUPER stars and you really need to go along and experience just how up close and personal you can get with these AWE inspiring players. It is not like any other major league game we have been to of any sport. 

Obviously the baseball itself is really interesting and then you can soak up the atmosphere, grab a chilli dog and enjoy the game, the music, the in between innings banter from the 'man on the mic' and then take a moment to marvel in the fact that you are only minutes from home!

Mamma says the family Sundays are great with so many things to keep the kids entertained. They can have a go at the inflatable pitch, become a Baseball Buddy and run out onto the field with the players to sing the national anthem, chase the piggy in the Bendigo Bank Piggy dash... oh, and watching the game of course! All in all, it is a great day out for the family!

Mamma's special mention: The season begins mid NOVEMBER!!

the nitty gritty

You can find everything you need on the
Melbourne Aces Website

(we paid $5 to park the car just an FYI)

Melbourne Ball Park
Merton St