sunshine roller skating centre, sunshine

Mamma loves pulling on some wheels and taking the kids for a spin at the local skate rink and this is certainly the perfect spot for doing just that.  Not only is there the fab main rink there is a little learners rink at the back with plenty of helpful staff to give you a hand with anything you need on the rink or at the skating fitting station. It really is good old fashioned fun with the usual kinds of games thrown in and cool music to bob around too. Yes, Mamma loves the disco lights on a Friday and Saturday night too.

There is also a bouncy castle and little 'cars' you can take out onto the rink for small kids and of course there is a snack bar too for your 'have to have' hot chips and treats.

Mamma's special mentions: They even do birthday parties so check out their package deals here

Sunshine Skate Centre - Mamma Knows West

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