pick your own flowers @ mannerim stables co, marcus hill

What kind of picking HEAVEN is THIS?  Mamma's love of picking was limited to fruit until she discovered this gorgeous flower farm on the Bellarine Peninsula.  This whole area is full of adventure and amazing sights and this place is no exception.  The beauty of seeing this picking field full of colour is a gift in itself, but when you can get involved and have you and the kiddies discover and learn something it really makes it special. You should bring your own basket and snips - but they do have a limited number you can borrow. And wear shoes that can get muddy/dirty  

That is not all though.  Head up the the amazing Stables farm gate store where you can purchase some chemical free veggies, some more flowers or their specialty - bulbs for your own garden. Bring a picnic and laze away on the lovely lawn of the stables too! The farm gate is open during the week but picking is usually limited to weekends (check the Facebook page before you come for open picking days!) - you may buy some ready picked flowers from the flower cart if you are swinging by Mon-Fri though.

Mamma's special mention: Lunch at Basil's Farm is a must, or drop into Piknik for a bite and to grab some homemade relish.

the nitty gritty

Open hours usually from 10am to 2/4pm Cost - usually $8-$10 for 10 stems. Subject to change for different flowers

Toasties and drinks available some weekends or bring a picnic

Portable toilets

**Always check their Facebook page for picking updates and open times as they are subject to change.

542-580 Swan Bay Road MarcusHill

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