fiesta factory, newport

This bright and colourful party shop Fiesta Factory has just popped up (and here to stay!) in Newport. They do specialise in balloons and Vanessa is a bit of an expert when it comes to arranging the perfect balloon bouquet to decorate your next soiree! There is a big array of metallic, pictures balloons, numbers and other different colours, shapes and sizes to make up the perfect party arrangement. There are loads of other affordable party items too! Loot bags, pinatas, cups and plates, streamers and party favours.

We had a ball getting some advice on the best balloons for table and floor decorations plus getting all the matchy match flags, serviettes, and all the rest of the fun that comes with a kiddos birthday party!

Mamma’s special mentions: There is a small range of costumes, Christmas decorations, loads of lollies and the like too - as the seasons change and annual events pop up - they will continue to expand their range.

the nitty gritty

Open 9am - 6pm
monday - saturday
10am - 5pm

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511 Melbourne road