harry and larry's general store, footscray

This is cool. There is nothing like this in and around the area - so a perfect spot for locals to pick up some milk, bread, cornflakes PLUS you can also grab some of your more special gourmet items, artisan breads and fancier stuff too.
Their catchy slogan - Not Too Fancy but Better Than You Think - kinda sums up the store perfectly really. Mamma loves the fresh flowers, fantastic coffee, fresh fruit and veg section, deli sangers (nod to the spicy Catherine Cummings Sandwich right here!) and just about most bits and pieces you might need between your weekly market shop. You know, toothpaste, pasta, soap, a curry etc. The faux grass floors, fab product displays and array of goods add a smidge of style and the friendly service will have you popping back again. No doubt.

Mamma's special mention: This is located in the laneway near mamma fave Back Alley Sally's and Slice Girls Pizza. So, perfect for picking up some last minute items pre or post - pizza and wine.

the nitty gritty

Open hours:
Monday - Friday 11am - 9:30pm
8am - 9:30pm

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4 Yewers St, Footscray