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One of Mamma's fave websites is a Little Bali Love. This page is dedicated to bringing us the best that holidaying in Bali has to offer for our little ones - it inspired a recent trip to Bali for the Mamma crew AND Jemma the brains behind this fantastic idea is a local Mum! If you are thinking of heading over to Bali for a holiday then her website, facebook page and instagram are essential for getting some good deals and finding all the best bits for the family to stay, eat, play and shop! 

Little Bali love is a fab idea. What was your inspiration behind starting your business?

We always loved travelling to Bali pre-kids and had a special connection with the island. When our first daughter India came along (now 7) we still continued to travel there regularly, however found that we were seeking different things in our holiday. All of a sudden we needed villas with pool fences, restaurants with highchairs, drivers with carseats, babysitters, places to buy nappies, kids menus etc etc. With time we developed a list of all our kid friendly finds on the island which we were always sharing with friends and friends of friends. There is not much out there in terms of niche guides highlighting the best of what Bali has to offer for travelling families, and so with previous knowledge of starting a web-based biz (I launched the kid friendly cafe review website Little Eats but have since sold the business) Little Bali Love was born.

What's exciting you about the  business at the moment?

Frequent visits to our second home - the magical island of the Gods and exploring the beaches, rice paddies, hotels, villas, temples, cafes, restaurants, kids clubs and shops... all in the name of research of course! Its exciting that we have created a business out of something we simply love doing, and that it enables us to keep travelling together as a family, and for me to have the flexibility of working from home and having time to focus on my other important job - being a mamma.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I love colour! I am always searching for colour and beauty wherever we are. I love taking photos and capturing special Bali moments and sharing them on our Instagram account, And I find it just as inspiring to lose myself in the wonderful online world of Insta, blogs, pinterest and other websites.  However nothing beats a swim in the Indian ocean, sipping on a fresh young coconut, or a stunning Bali sunset along with icy cold Bintangs and BBQ corn to keep me feeling motivated and inspired to keep doing what I am doing and being able to create something where I can work from home and be a Mamma is a big bonus.

I know I have difficulty at times juggling Mamma Knows West and family! ....Any tips on juggling the family and your own business?

Its always a juggle! Trying to be organised, writing lists, communication with your partner, delegating, saying no to some things... and making seperate time for work and seperate time for family. When you work for yourself from home the lines are always blurred, but it is important to try and switch off from work mode from time to time and try and keep things separate... and to put the iphone away!! (I really need to listen to my own advice - ha!)

How is 2020 looking for you and Little Bali Love?

I have no idea! Although I am super organised and love planning and lists and spreadsheets, I have never been much of a long term planner and tend to take it year by year... I am a dreamer but also a doer. I am a  spontaneous ideas person and if I have an idea for something that I love then I just run with it. Who knows... today Bali, tomorrow the world! Ha ha!

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s inner west means to you?


What is your favourite thing to do the west with the family?

Oooh we have a few, But our fave is hanging out at Altona Beach - walking the puppy, the kids going for a scoot, hot choccies and walks in winter, summer swims, after dinner ice creams, or sneaky sunset fish and chips for tea. If we can't be at the beach in Bali then this is the next best thing! 

We also love:
- takeaway cinnamon scrolls from Candied Bakery on a Sunday morning

- a fun day out at the Yarraville Festival

- walking the dog along The Strand in Willi

- Stocking up and sampling the goods at the best deli in the west (and if not in Melbourne) - Altona Fresh Fine Foods.

- Hitting up the Newport Substation Farmers Markets or the Williamstown Farmers Market

the nitty gritty

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Definitely  follow @littlebalilove on instagram for some beautiful images and colour in your day.