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Mamma is a HUGE literary fan so imagine our excitement when we came across local Author and Book Publisher Aly Walsh of Aly's Books - she is a westie treasure and a wonderful story teller. With titles like 'Never too big for a cuddle' we think you will be a fan too! 

Aly’s Books is your little business!  What was your inspiration behind starting your business?   

I was very inspired by the idea of supporting new and upcoming authors, not unlike myself - to achieve their dream of seeing their own words in print. I am very driven by the idea that there is book inside of everyone. In just over a year and a half, we have helped over 30 first time authors (with more on the way) to get published – and I would love to discover the next JK Rowling! So what’s your story?

What's exciting you about the Aly’s Books at the moment?

It's all happening at Aly's Books at the moment! We have just released Sydney based author Cat Adora's book 'Adore Your Lifestyle', which is a truly inspirational tale of a life transforming health and fitness journey.

We have also just released Kylie Symons' children’s book 'Help Hope find her Waggy Tail' a few weeks ago, and we also have the launch of Clive Wiseman's new children’s book series 'The Adventures of George and Sniffy'. On a totally different note we are publishing a fascinating war diary from the 1900s, as well as another children's book series coming up with a fantastic story line around travel. Lastly I am very excited about a new book project which I am dying to share with people about autism. However you will have to wait a little longer for this one!

What do you do to keep motivated? OR if you prefer  - where do you draw inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from my kids and my love for helping people achieve their dreams. I want to leave the best legacy behind for my children and that inspires me every day.

Any proud moments you would like to share?

We have now been in business for less than two years and published over 30 books and this year looks like we might double that.

My kids also have co written books with me this year, my son has a story called ‘Please Mr Bully’ and my daughter is working on one called ‘what are you grateful for’ – I am so proud to see my kids sharing positive messages through books...oh and I have penned my latest ‘Mummy monster visited again today’

Most of Aly’s Books’ team is from here in the west – I love that we have so many talented people in the west.

I know I have difficulty at times juggling MKW and family!   Any tips on juggling the family and your own business?

Make sure you get the balance right. I work from home and it sometimes gets hard to stop working especially at this time of the year, or to focus on work and not do the housework instead. I have found a great virtual assistant who now runs my diary and I am stricter on myself when my kids are home or are awake. I also need to make sure that I get some exercise in at least three times a week and I get to Metafit which helps me stay balanced.

How is 2020 looking for you and your business?

I am very excited about the future of Aly’s Books as there are some fantastic projects on the horizon and we always on the look out to meet more amazing new authors!

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s West means to you?

Talented and undiscovered

What is your  favourite thing to do the West?

I love taking the kids to the food vans at the Yarraville Gardens on Friday nights, going to see the latest movie at the beautiful Sun Theatre, going for a swim and a walk at Williamstown beach, the night markets and the New Years fireworks down at Altona Beach.

Mamma's special mention: You can check out more about her and her book publishing company here at Aly's Books OR she will be at the Yarraville Festival THIS Sunday near the childrens section with a stall selling her books so pop in and get a signed copy!