meet nikki from little ginger

Mamma would like to introduce you all to the wonderful Nikki from the online party shop Little Ginger! She is a westie Mamma rocking the online business world with her shop helping to make your party one to remember. She strives to bring gorgeous party pieces, including special and unique party favours and gifts, many of which are handmade with love here in Australia.

Little Ginger is your business!  What was your inspiration behind starting your business?   
This mamma loves a great party - I love the connections that are shared over the food contributions from friends, and the conversations had with guests.  My favourite has always been the home styled parties 'made with love' concepts with a touch of creativity, whether they were at home or at a venue/public place, its about those little personal touches that make it really special. The business came about after #thereallittleginger was born, to share my love of parties with others who want to create that special occasion. 

What's exciting you about Little Ginger at the Moment? 2016 is going to be a very exciting year, we are bringing our online shop to the face of our community with a warehouse showroom and themed multi purpose space allowing for expansions into a children's activities and parties.  I would love to say more but don't want to spoil our upcoming official launch - but we are sure to be giving away some tickets to the night through our friends at Mamma Knows West, so stay tuned! 

Any proud moments you would like to share? Having my first article published in 2015 felt great, launching our website which we love and receive great feedback on are definitely moments that stand out, but apart from family pride (we all play a part in the business in some way), my proudest moment would be taking the plunge to leave the paid employment and backing myself to build my own empire as I like to call it.  Right now, the empire's foundations have been planned and laid, we are in the building phase and look forward to watching Little Ginger grow and getting to know our community much better as we support them in their celebrations, ensuring they create their own lasting impressions and 'Wow' factors! 

I know I have difficulty at times juggling MKW and family! ....Any tips on juggling the family and your own business? For me it's all about being in the moment, it’s very easy to miss those important times for both family and work, but it’s not always easy to do!  When it's family time put the devices away and enjoy the family moments, and when it’s time to focus on work then you may need a back-up support for the kid wrangling and playtime fun, otherwise you will only get time to work when they are asleep and that doesn’t always mean you get enough downtime!  I have found the quality of time shared is what counts, not the overall quantity.  

A good planner, diary or journal whatever works for you is an essential item for getting what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.  I find if I write a list out the night before sleep, I can hit the ground running the next day (after school drop off that is). This year the juggling act has eased a little, as Connor joined his big sister Amelia at school, so no more various schedules to manage, well at least from 8.30 - 3.30 they are in the one spot.

How is 2020 looking for you and your business? In 2020, our business will be fully functioning, creating lots of wonderful memories with our children's party room, I will be enjoying all the efforts of the 6 years prior, ensuring we as a family get those special vacations in, and will have a team of capable and energetic people to assist in the day to day running of the business - well that's the plan.  My motto for this year as we enter into our new developments was to #BASE - Believe, Achieve, Succeed, Enjoy!  After all what is the point in working for your own business if you don't have a plan to enjoy all the efforts!

What one or two words would you use to describe what living in Melbourne’s west means to you? Connected Community Living - (I know that's 3 but it really is a unique environment we live in, country living in the suburbs).

What is your favourite thing to do the west? Explore!!! We love getting out and about to explore in Williamstown - grab the bikes and the family and explore Jawbone Marine Sanctuary head to Point Gelibrand Park and riding along The Strand is always fun too! I grew up in the Yarra Valley, and later in the Eastern Suburbs, so we love to get out and explore all the outdoors fun and the various cafes and buildings, there really is so much to do on our own doorstep and I feel very blessed we happened to make the move to the west and become part of the "you live over the bridge" community.

Check out her online store right here Little Ginger!