horseshoe bend farm, keilor

Mamma can't believe this place. Put simply it was once operating farm that is no longer in use - and anyone is welcome to come and enjoy this country style oasis in the middle of the suburbs. Parks Victoria are now the caretakers of this public land and tend to the area to make it as safe for people to explore as possible. With the exception of the toilet building and a couple of sheds - all the buildings have been boarded up and locked. This doesn't stop your imagination though. There is a bountiful fruit tree lawn, two huge barns, post and rail farm fencing, grasslands, picnic tables, a farmhouse garden and courtyard, elm trees, peppercorn trees, lemon trees, fig trees, old farming equipment, walking tracks and some picnic shelters too. Parks Victoria rangers frequent the land and are often working on various parts of the property at times, but mainly this is a fairly secluded and quiet spot. It is overgrown in bits so like with any nature exploring watch out for snakes in the warmer months and Mamma recommends coming with friends. The only reminder you are close to the city is the fairly constant planes overhead! 

There are plans in place for the spot to be re-activated as an education centre down track but for now - it is open for public access. This is a seriously interesting place to visit where yours and the kids imagination and little legs can run wild. 

Wear clothes and shoes appropriate for exploring and there is pram access around the place via gravel paths (a buggy type one would be ideal) 

Please note: there are NO ANIMALS here - the farm is not operational. Just to be clear and not to disappoint in that regard.

Mamma's special mentions: there is a cool playground nearby called bonfield reserve.


the nitty gritty

Open 24 Hours a day.

Parking is ONLY on the street at the entrance and is limited. Please be mindful of residents

There is a fence and gate at the entrance - just push it to gain access.

Toilets - Picnic Tables - Shelter

113 Horseshoe Bend Road